Monday, 7 December 2015

Notes - Green screen

Interactive Ideas (1)   7th December 2015 
Scott Dunwoodie, Dale Cleator, Otis Sarge

Genre - Drama.

Time - 5 mins

Chaarcters - father, daughter and police
In the group, we discuss to do a short film about a man who his life is a criminal then goes to jail then after he is free, he have to look after his daughter but can't handle so he goes to New York to start a new life but then he realised hoe his daughter gonna grow up without a father.

Throughout the story is based on audience decisions by picking out the choices such as whether the character should run left or right then right is the wrong choice, left is the right choice.
basically we making this to make the audience feel what should they do if they were this character.

In the group, we agree the idea.

I feel very positive in the group because the idea seems easy because i have done a lot of short film.

Interactive ideas group. (2)     30th November 2015 
Scott Dunwoodie, Dale Cleator, Otis Sarge