Wednesday, 6 January 2016

interactive investigation

Interactive techniques

Different types of video products are available in interactive media are;

·      Tutorial/education – you can find these by watching on youtube such as instructions on how to edit (adobe, after effects and photoshop) etc
·      Homemade content – you can find various funny video such as animals and fails, they are very popular on youtube because they are funny.
·      Blogs -
·      Music video
·      Advert
·      Film trailer
·      Documentaries
·      Films(short and full film)

Video format

These are the formats generally used for internet video and which one is more popular and why?

Mpeg 4 (used with H.264)
Quick time (used with H.264)
Flash (suf)
You will use H.264 (most common HD)

On what devices can Digital be video viewed and what are limitations of each?

·      Phone (Small screen, Link issues, Not enough power and will need to use wifi)
·      Tablet (Small screen, Link issues, Not enough power and will need to use wifi)
·      Computer (not mobile)
·      Smart TV and TV (speed keyboarding typing and power)
·      Game consoles (not mobile, connection, lack of power)
·      Kiosk(cash machine)

Identify and discuss interactivity on TV

·      Red buttons (like using sky remote such as pressing red as to record and also you can choose certain channels you want to watch)

(5)Discuss how and why interactivity is used within online video or what function does interactivity have for audience?

·      Alternatives endings
·      Links to other websites
·      Change contents
·      Show subtitles. (this is very important for deaf people)
·      Add notes and information to inform viewers. (this is very useful for audience to inform them if they dislike and their disability because they would like to know what age certificate and also if films has flashing images and violence)

What problems can arise with interactive video for the user and creator.

Links do not work (something that has a wrong given link)
Wrong tags
Misleading description
Wrong video format (description 1920 x 1080)
Set in private
Screen resolution 

Identify youtube regulations or in other words identify what you can and cant do in your uploaded video, the consequence of not abiding to their policies.

·      No nudity or sexual content
·      Violence and dangerous graphics
·      Hateful content
·      Spam
·      Harmful or dangerous content
·      Copyright
·      Threats
If you uploaded with these included, it will be blocked or removed. You can add an age restriction to your own video settings.


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