Monday, 4 January 2016

The relationship between sounds and images

It is important to exaggerate sounds because it can make the audience feel tense as the sound turns up, for example when a man stabs a person with a stab slush noise, that can make the audience feel disgust so it would make them watch the film.
If the stab sound was not added into it, it would make it boring for the audience.

It is important to add the right music for whatever genre you are using, for example horror films, the music would be instrument music such as piano, violin etc but in a loud volume or low from start then build up louder as it would make it tense for the audience.
If you add the wrong music for the scene that would make the audience feel emotionally incorrect.

Lip sync is so important because when you do it in editing, you have to look at the actors lips and add the voice to it at the exact correct match.  (Synchronise)
The effect for the audience is that if it is wrong, it would make the film look very bad.

Internal Diegetic – Thoughts and sounds only that character can hear (when character is looking at a picture of a horse, in the character head is imagining the sounds of a horse neighing. And also character thoughts)

Diegetic – belongs to the film. (Sound that is already there around the camera)

Non – Diegetic – for the audience (music and sound effects)

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